Hear about Alma

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"Before a director, I was a systems librarian for over twenty years. Alma has the most exciting library system functionality that I've ever seen."

Bonnie McNeely
Executive Director of Chambers Library
University of Central Oklahoma

"The fact that Alma was engineered with agile methodologies and the inclusion of an extensible architecture to support new data and record formats is a very important aspect of Alma."

Roddy Austin
Director, Bobst Library
New York University

"Ex Libris has developed Alma based on industry research that will change how we do business. It's an exciting time to be in libraries."

Donna Capelle Cook
Director, Technical Services
Tulane University

"I liked everything I saw. The widgets/graphic displays of data on the browser blew me away. Shows how far in the dark we are today. Alma has so many benefits."

Susan Sheridan
Head of Technical Services
Amherst College Library

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"Alma is an incredibly robust, fully integrated library system. I love the fact that the record is dominant. Seems very well thought out."

Steven Klein
Systems Librarian
Mina Rees Library - SUNY Graduate Center

"With Alma and Primo, we will fulfill our aspirations for international collaboration and our strategy of building long-term alliances and partnerships."

J. Stephen Town
Director of Information
University of York

"Based on the Alma Executive Briefing, I believe that Alma could provide a true alternative to the current array of ILSs."

Melinda Reagor Flannery
AUL, Technical Services
Rice University

"We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Ex Libris and other libraries on Alma. The survival of academic libraries depends upon cutting edge innovation and responsiveness to our community, which Alma embodies."

John Duke
Senior Associate University Librarian
Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

"Alma is an exciting new product which will facilitate efficiencies in library management. It offers an attractive, streamlined solution to the ever complex systems for libraries."

Linda McCarthy
Director, Customer Services and Relations
College Center for Library Automation (CCLA)

"We are impressed by the conceptual thinking underpinning Alma. It meshes with our strategic aims of quality, innovation, responsiveness, and efficiency."

Clare Powne
University Librarian
Lancaster University

"Alma delivers significant cost efficiencies with its cloud-based, unified workflows. Implementing Alma will enable us to conclude the journey toward unified management and discovery, a journey that we embarked upon three years ago with Primo."

Gurdish Sandhu
Associate Director, Library and Learning Services
University of East London